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Atelier doctoral : Transition to Modernity

21 & 22 mai 2021

LabEx Tepsis – Université de Chicago

Le LabEx Tepsis et l’Université de Chicago organisent un échange entre doctorant·es afin de leur permettre de présenter leurs travaux doctoraux à des chercheuses et chercheurs de renommée internationale et de bénéficier de leurs observations et conseils.

Conseil scientifique

  • Paul Cheney – History (The University of Chicago)
  • Nilüfer Göle – Political Science (EHESS, CESPRA)
  • Marie Jauffret-Roustide – Sociology of Healthcare (Inserm, CERMES3)
  • Rainer Maria Kiesow – History and Anthropology of Law (EHESS, Centre Georg Simmel)
  • Karin Knorr Cetina – Sociology (The University of Chicago
  • Aleksandra Kobiljski – Modern Japan (CNRS, CCJ)
  • John McCormick – Political Science, Political Theory (The University of Chicago)
  • Steven Pincus – History (The University of Chicago)
  • Paul Poast – Political Science, International Relations (The University of Chicago)
    Kenneth Pomeranz – History (The University of Chicago)
  • Jean-Frédéric Schaub – Early modern history (EHESS, Mondes Américain)
  • Jenny Trinitapoli – Sociology (The University of Chicago)

Friday 21st May

3.00-3.15 p.m. | Introduction
Steven Pincus and Jean-Frédéric Schaub

3.15-4.45 p.m. | Session 1
Racial Diversity in French Movie Industry
Evélia Mayenga, political scientist (Paris 1)
The Devil is in the Details: An Invitation to Revisit Law & Demography
Hanock Spitzer (Chicago)

5.00-6.30 p.m. | Session 2
The State as Generous Bandit: Populist Spectacle and Criminal Affect in (the Fallout of) Mexico’s “Drug War”
Agnes Mondragón-Celis (Chicago)
Back into Civilian Life. Body Reconfigurations of Violence and Power for Ex-FARC Female Guerrillas (Antioquia-Colombia)
Mélina Gautrand, anthropologist (EHESS)

6.45-8.15 p.m. | Session 3
Nation Building on the Ground. The Case of the Sokol and the Role of Associational Culture in Interwar Yugoslavia
Jovana Papovic, historian (EHESS)
German Lessons: Indian Federalis and the Origins of Comparative Constitutionalism
Sarath Pillai (Chicago)

Saturday 22nd May

3.00-4.30 p.m. | Session 1
Addressing Poverty through Individual Responsibility in Modern Societies. Toward a New Interpretation of Durkheim’s Theory of Justice
Sacha Lévy-Bruhl, philosopher (EHESS)
A Deal with the Devil: Commerciality and Status Competition in China’s Grassroots-Oriented Corporate Philanthropy
Yuhao Zhuang (Chicago)

4.45-6.15 p.m. | Session 2
Working-class Ecopolitics. The Environmental Aspects of Labour Movement in French Coal-Mining (Late 19th Century – Early 20th Century)
Bastien Cabot, historian (EHESS)
Dutch and British Entanglements, 1621-51
Elizabeth Hines (Chicago)

6.30-8.00 p.m. | Session 3
Who Are Turkey’s Atheists and How to Count Them? Uses and Limits of Statistical Reasoning in the Study of Non-belief, Irreligion, and Apostasy
Théo Malçok, sociologist (EHESS)
Negotiating Ancestors and Sexuality in Contemporary Zimbabwe
Raffaella Taylor-Seymour (Chicago)

8.10-8.40 p.m. | General Feedbacks and Conclusion

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